My rear Kenda Nevegal tire on my GT has already started to lose rubber on the central treads, I've only had them a week and a half! These are v soft tires, right?

So I want something slimmer and smoother but with some trail-friendly knobs, also a harder compound - any hints??




Mine were mostly toast after 200 miles.

Most suitable depends on the type of riding you do. If it is mostly off-road with some tarmac, something like the Schwalbe Land Cruisers get good reviews as they have the solid strip in the middle to roll easier on tarmac.

If tarmac is more important, something like the Conti Travel Contact would be good whilst still having some bite on the edges, or the ubiquitous Schwalbe Marathon Plus.

If you are unlikely to go too far from tarmac, Schwalbe City Jets are your answer.


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there is also Schwalbe black jack - a knobly tyre but with nearly joined knobs down the centre to reduce rolling resistance on tarmac.



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If you're riding off road then you just have to accept that sticky rubber doesn't last as long (but keeps you upright). I'm amazed you'd wear them in a week and a half though, I have a new Nevegal up front which has done six 7stanes sessions and I reckon I could almost return it as unused :evil:

If you're not riding off-road, get some proper tyres (Schwalbe Kojak are my favourite). Fat enough to eat potholes, fast enough to annoy roadies.


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i am puzzled by sticky rubber.

I can see the point on tarmac where the rubber sticks to a solid surface - gravel + tar - but off road you are riding on small stones and dirt - composed of tiny dirt particles - so there is nothing solid to stick to and all that happens is the dirt stick to yuuour tyre.

or am i missing something?
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