New bike (Again) £700 Road


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Ashford, Kent
Ok, my last wanted thread was messy and confusing.

Road bike, dropped handlebars

I want,

Full Tiagra or better, (Or whatever the camp. similar is, im not sure on camp. so you would need to convince me)

As much carbon as possible,

56' (5ft10)

was thinking a full carbon SH bike, but only place seems ebay and its hell on there.

How do the Tiagra shifters differ from the sora ones?


Full carbon would indicate the Planet X route - £999 new.

How about this Trek on eBay


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As much carbon.. is not full.

Anyway for that price I recommend the boardman comp. Tiagra shifters and FD, 105 RD, very light and good to ride. You would probably be a medium.


RyanW said:
How do the Tiagra shifters differ from the sora ones?
Tiagra shifters have a second black lever behind the brake levers for moving to smaller rings. Sora shifters have a lever inside the hoods for doing so. You can't reach these Sora shifters when on the drops but they are much easier to reach from the hoods.

I've got bikes with both and I prefer the location of the Sora shifter because I don't often need to change gear from the drops. But I don't think there's a great deal in it, the only problem I ever have is remembering which bike I'm on. :sad:

And either are easier than friction shifters on the downtube. :smile:


The abominable Bikeman
Ashford, Kent
Trek looks nice, i have seen a few 105/tiagra full carbon go for 500-600 so should be good.

Thanks for the info on the shifters, i thought that they might be like a comp. one i saw that had them instead of the shifting of the break levers.

Has anyone had any luck with the wanted section on here?

I think id prefer it to the bay.
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