New bike day soon...


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Hi guys, I’ve got a budget at around £1400 and I’m wondering what would be the beat full suspension bike to buy with that? I’d love to have a dropper post with it but if it doesn’t come with one then it isn’t that much of an issue. If anyone knows anything that fits this criteria then please let me know, thanks !
Doesn’t look like there are many mountain bikers on line.
Hopefully some will come along and advise.
No actual experience of full sussers but 1500 would probably see me looking at Boardman and Calibre as well as Trek and Cube. Calibre bikes (gooutdoors brand) are frequently mentioned in reviews as giving the best bang for buck. You might have to buy a dropper post seperately. Apart from that, I'd check trail centres to see if they're selling ex-demos or ex-hires and see if you can pick up a bargain.
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