New bike for commute 😍


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Good afternoon. I am after some advice for my new commute bike. Looking for a really comfortable ride Currently using my Brompton which is nice riding position but not so robust for bumps and can’t go that fast.

I am looking at the Pashley Aurora as fairly light, looks comfortable, plenty of gears for me and is quite beautiful in the duck egg/turquoise. But would like to have a test drive before I buy one. I live in SE London and can’t find anywhere round here that has any demonstration models. Fear I will have to go to bike shop in Stratford upon Avon that has stock and maybe do a day trip up there. Any advice please? Thank you Clare


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Velorution have 4 London stores and sell Pashley. Maybe worth a call

Otherwise Stratford is a lovely place for an overnight or long weekend 👍
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