new bike, old problems


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so new bike and i seem to have gotten some old problems back. For some unknown reason my right knee has always been a bit weak (That's the reason i ride not run).

Never had pain on a bike before until today, also had a tingle / pins / needles in my feet for part of my journey.

I have new clipless pedals and have moved the cleats back to see if it helps, any ideas?

Am i using the wrong gears or do u think my set up is a bit off.



The two areas (foot and knee ) are separate problems Ryan.

Take a look at

If you can identify the knee problem then there ways around this.


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What clipless pedals/cleats are you using ?
If the cleats are fixed & no float then this could cause you issues with your knees. When I returned to cycling I suffered from knee problems, but switching to clipless helped rather than making the problem worse. I use std spds & spdsl with yellow cleats
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