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Hi iam new to road cycling 40 ish and 19ish stone had a specialized secteur comp with 105 running gear loved it but car cost a fortune on the mot so it had to go broke my heart anyhoo,, i have quit the fags and iam looking for a new bike budget 1250ish narrowed down to two bikes first specialized roubaix compact/tiagra set up or ribble gran fondo 105 set up,the bike needs to be comfy i only commute to work 10 mile round trip and maybee 10-20 miles on days off any idears would be great thanks again,,steve,,
Having ridden my mates Ribble Gran Fondo, I would have no hesitation recommending it.


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Having just recently bought the Ribble Evo Pro Carbon with 105 groupset for £1k I have to say Im very impressed. Had I had more money I would have gone for the Gran Fondo....


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Colleague of mine has one - uses it for a daily commute through London. The only thing he says is he wishes he'd gone for a triple rather than a compact groupset

Had some problem or other with the wheels when it arrived
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