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Discussion in 'Beginners' started by mr_t, 15 Jun 2008.

  1. mr_t

    mr_t New Member

    Hi all,

    Very new to this forum and have been having a good read through! From what I have en so far I have made all the mistakes people here are saying not to do - mainly buying a cheap bike from a catalogue company that I hadn't seen before that was a dual suspension MTB.

    I have recently got into keeping fit and have worked hard at it in the gym and have come on a long way withitand pleased with the results. However, now the initial interest has come through I was getting bored with being indoors all of the time and so have taken to going out running and also using the bike more.

    So far I have been doing runs of about 10 to 20 miles and have really enjoyed being out on the bike. However, I tried out my Dad's hybrid bike over the weekend and realised how much effort I was having to put into using my bike as compared to using something decent!

    I am now seriously considering using the bike for commuting to and from work (will be a massive saving with fuel costs) and also for any other journeys that are up to about 20 miles or so. I would also like to get in some longer runs at the weekend as I get the fitness and endurance levels up. I realise that the bike I have is not going to be great for achieving this and still maintain the enjoyment of cycling.

    My question is though what would be the best sort of bike to go for and what sort of rpice range am I looking at? I have had a look around Halfords (again from reading on here I realise this is not the best place to go t but that was before coming here!) but really don't want to get stung with something that isn't going to do the job or is going to cost me a fortune when I don't need to spend it!

    I am envisaging that the bike will be mainly used on roads but also on some paths / canal paths etc. Any advice is very gratefully received!

    Thanks for any help!

  2. Maz

    Maz Legendary Member

    If you're going to be riding on roads as well as paths/canals, you might want to try out something like a Specialized Globe.
    Wait around and see what others suggest.
  3. Fab Foodie

    Fab Foodie hanging-on in quiet desperation ...

    Hi Welcome.

    Maz's suggestion is sound. Also whilst Halfrauds is not the best bike shop in the world it does contain 1 gem in your case. The Carrera Subway. A good no nonsense hybrid looks good, is well reviewed and good VFM. Now find a good Halfrauds dealer.
  4. mart9012

    mart9012 New Member

    Omg.. I have just been through a similar process.

    I guess you are looking at a trekking oriented "hybrid" or maybe a "29er". Trouble with the Globe (mine is very similar) is that they are not great for distance even with smooth tyres, although a 20 mile commute is within its abilities, it is much harder going. Really for the distance you are looking to go I would suggest a 700c wheel size hybrid rather than a 26" wheeled MTB/comfort type like mine

    Go to a decent bike dealer and have a look and a try. Trek, Dawes, Specialized.. all the major brands offer something! Budget is so difficult. I felt that to get anything up to a decent standard I was looking at a start cost of £350 to £400 but to be honest you can spend fortunes. Some things are a bit gimmicky, suspension, disc brakes, carbon forks etc.. at the lower end.. so maybe aim to spend money on decent basics.. frame, cycle parts, gears etc..

    A good no nonsense hybrid.. exactly! I am very keen on the Specialized Sirrus, very roadie oriented I think, and the Trek FX seems more canal path capable..
  5. jassy-x

    jassy-x Well-Known Member

    ....Hi mr_t....just new to the forum myself although not so new to cycling..
    .....the guy's on this site will have you sorted out in no time.....
    I would say in the meantime, depending on the terrain covered on your commute and the time you have at your disposal, your MTB will get you there and would definately do your fitness quest no harm.....I occasionally use my own MTB for that reason....can't beat pedalling a 3 ton bike uphill into a headwind for building stamina and improving your fitness...:ohmy:
  6. Dave5N

    Dave5N Über Member

    Christ, if you can run that far, riding a bike will be a doddle.

    Join your local club.

    Failing that, get a good tourer or if you can afford one of the new 'cross/road hybrids, get one. That isn't a recommendation for a Hybrid, BTW (or By The Way).

    A 'cross bike is a road racing bike, but designed to be raced off the road in fields in mud and dirt. Because they are racing bikes,they are also vey quick on the road, though you might want to put faster tyres on.
  7. OP

    mr_t New Member

  8. OP

    mr_t New Member

    Hi all!!!

    Thnaks for all the advice that you have given so far! I am quickly realising that this is not an easy decision I have embarked upon and there are a million different choices to make!

    I have taken the advice of going to a local bike shop and found from reading a fair few different reviews Dr Bicycle in Manchester. Went down tonight and was helped by a great guy who listened to what I wanted and made a recomendation of getting the Trek 7.3 FX. Looks a nice bike to me and seems to do exactlt what I would like it to do. Going for £350 at the min - but they do 3 free services during the first year on it - plus also seem very willing to offer all sorts of advice and guidance. Seem like epople at the shop who really know their stuff.

    Any thoughts on whether this will be a good bike to go for?

    Cheers again

  9. byegad

    byegad Guru

    NE England
    Try swapping the knobbly tyres for a pair of slicks or semi slicks. It won't make a purse out of your sow's ear of a bike, but it will make it faster.

    Then, later you can buy a new bike and don't forget to get the shop to fit sliks or semi slicks at the point of sale. (should be cheaper than you doing it later)

    My wife bought a nice Dawes Discovery 201 some years back. For me I'd have bought a 301 to avoid the Megarange gears.
  10. fishheads

    fishheads Well-Known Member

    i bought a dawes discovery 401 hybrid and it is fantastic for £320. it is the best bike i have rode , take a look.
  11. Andy in Sig

    Andy in Sig Vice President in Exile

    Steel framed tourers are probably the best allround bikes IMO. They're fast, they've got racks (useful when commuting, shopping etc) and if you get a good frame you can gradually upgrade the componentry as funds become availiable until you have a tiptop bike. Ask to try one out at the bike shop.
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