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i am buying my first new bike for years but would like to know if anybody
has any of the bikes mentioned here or can give me some help as to best
one. the bikes are dawes giro 300,giant ocr4,decathlon 7.2 or halfords carrea
valour, all are priced around £270. :blush:


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I am just a begiiner myself but I have read lot's of good comments about Halfords carrea bikes given their cost. But like I said ...I know nothing. I jus tride a daws galaxy touring bike.


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I'm not an expert by any means (although I changed the headset on my bike last week) but I have a Dawes and adore it...never heard anything bad about Dawes either.


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I hope this will be pertinant,but i bought myself a halford carrera vulcan,other than the bottom bracket giving up on the first wet days ride(the shop replaced it with a shimano sealed unit,been perfect since)and i changed the twist grip for rapid fire type levers(again the shop said if i wasnt happy with twist they would give me rapid fire at half price)i found it to be fine,havnt used it much lately,im hoping to change that though.this was a few years ago so i hope it helps in some way.

oops just saw the date :eek:
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