new bits in lidls 29/4/10


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I bought a couple of sets of the rechargable batteries last year and they are fantastic value for the money.


I do like their description of the tent as "ideal for festivals and concerts". i.e. more of a Wendy House.

I'm a big Lidl fan. I just wish they would re-stock the £29.99 garden lounger, now that spring is here and I've retired. Is it possible to order stuff?


Time for me to stock up on socks. I got the repair kit two years ago, admittedly when it was a bit cheaper. Best investment I have ever made; it has been really useful. No they're not Park Tools but as a kit for occasional repairs it does the trick.

Jackets are not that breathable but I have had three jackets from Lidl and they are very good commuter types. If you need a good jacket for performance cycling, you do have to pay a bit more.


The older I get, the faster I used to be ...
Bought the metal track pump last time it was on sale (4.99 then) - recommend it at that price. Only problem I have had after 2 years use was with the connector - replaced it with a Topeak brass chuck.
zizou said:
whats the quality of their tool kit like?
Wot ChrisKH said up there ^. Mine's seen plenty of use over the past three years - no compaints from me :laugh:
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