New budget - bike help!!


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hi guys,
I currently have a custom 2016 voodoo Bantu hardtail and I’m in need of an upgrade. At the moment, I’m thinking the best step up for me would to buy a full suspension MTB. My price range is £1500 and I was wondering what is the best full sus all rounder that I could get for that?


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Not saying you are wrong, but why do you fell you need full suspension?


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Because I do a lot of heavy impact trail riding and I’d like to be able to use the rear suspension to an advantage I suppose. If not a full suspension, then which hardtail should I consider?


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Accra, Ghana
They are indeed based in Germany but I believe that unlike many other manufacturers that have their bikes fully assembled in the China, Taiwan etc Cube assemble the components themselves at their base in Germany.


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Looks very nice. Why not get one for yourself?
I like the feel and simplicity of a hardtail, I sometimes ride a fully rigid MTB also, as well as a CX, I don't think my riding Warrents a full susser, the most extreme I do is the red route in Dalby and its fine on a hard tail.
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