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Hi all,
I made this account erm 9 ish years ago posted a couple of times and must have quit riding not long after due to.. well i must of had a reason... No clue why now.


I started riding again last year after losing my Dad to cancer. He and I spent many happy Sundays out with our local ctc group when I wasn't so erm.. Grey and drafty up top. So after contemplating those happy times I pulled my old Raleigh out of the shed and got her running again.

Now that clunky old Raleigh has been replaced with a shiny Kona Rove DL gravel bike(which is so much more comfortable)

And I again spend Sundays pootling around Somerset, to the point where i could possibly be ready to ride with a club again

Anywhoo... Hello again


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@SoapyWeasel welcome back and enjoy your cycling
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