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Discussion in 'Commuting' started by karan733, 13 Apr 2010.

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    Check out the Carrera Subway at Halfords. £50 over budget, but highly regarded at the price point. It ain't no drop bar bike, but a £200 quid roadie is unlikely to deliver what the subway can.
  2. I totally agree with Moodyman, the wrong bike will put you off cycling for good. A lot of folk wouldn't recommend eBay for purchasing a bike but I was very fortunate with my 2007 Langster I paid £30 for shipment but the bloke was at a loose end one Sunday morning so brought it over all the way from Bristol....result! I just had a gut feeling that my bike was a good 'un as proved to be the point. Just keep to the major brands (Claud Butler, Raleigh and Dawes would probably be good fairly recent models in your price range - Specialized, Cannondale, Kona etc. probably not) and make sure it's the right size before bidding. There are bargains out there and some decent, honest sellers. You'll know. Good luck
  3. Well I'm blowed, after all that there's a Kona Smoke (NEW) from Rutland Cycles (on eBay and their website) (so it will be from a decent seller) for £199 (£209 fully assembled). If it fits you Karan it could just be all you need. eBay quote just the 16" frame but there are other sizes on the Rutland website - just search Kona Smoke.
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    Good spot Billy.

    The Kona Smoke is an excellent entry to mid level commuter. Deore RD, Chromoly frame, mudguards, et al.

    A similar spec in another brand will cost a lot more. Kona make excellent bikes and their components are slightly better than other bikes in the same price range.
  5. And not just a commuting tool either. Light trails and weekend leisure rides should be a breeze on this. If I didn't have three bikes I would seriously consider one.
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    There's 20% off the Carrera Subway at Halfords- it takes it down to £200. (Discount applies when you "go to checkout" online.

    Have a look at the Bike to Work Scheme info at Evans and Edinburgh Bicycle Coop- it saves your employer money too. Yes, that's YOUR EMPLOYER SAVES MONEY by helping you get a cheap bike.

    With regards what sort of bike to get, a road bike would win it for me, but try to get upgraded tyres asap- Schwalbe Marathon+ for cycling country lanes in autumn/winter- helps with punctures.

    I quite like the look of this one-

    About the weight- don't worry about it. I'm 102kg at the moment, and that's the least I've been for ages.
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    Sunny Wakefield
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    Guys - ive done something a bit implusive :smile: I've bought a 54cm carrera valour for £65 off ebay. Its in great condition. Drove just short of 4 hours to pick it up last night, got home at 2! Ive just set it up to fit me, about to set off into work on it. Im hoping I dont get killed if im honest!

    I didnt think it'd fit, but it seems great so far. I'm an inside leg of 33'', total height 5'9''. Everything ive read so far puts me at a 56'' frame, but ive got exactly an inch of nut clearance, and slightly bent arms when down on the drops.

    I hope I havent made the wrong decision!
  10. 36_19_2.gif 'but ive got exactly an inch of nut clearance'

    Good luck Karan, let us know how you got on

  11. OP

    karan733 New Member

    Is that not enough? :wacko: I'd read that for a road bike you need 1'' - 2'' of clearance? Is this not right?

    Incidentally, I had to ride in on my mtb today. Took the roadie down the lane and although ive raised the seat, I still need to bring up the handlebars. Ill take it to the LBS this weekend to get it fitted properly (unless the above statement throws up a can of worms?!)

  12. Lol, sorry Karan, the shocked look was just for the way you described your standover height. 1"-2" is fine.

  13. OP

    karan733 New Member

    gotcha :wacko: My other half wont help measure me, so everything described needs to be a bit abstract, unless I can measure it myself :biggrin:
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