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here !!!!

I need a bike to commute to work on, its, it about 4 miles in the car could be longer in on a bike. I would like to stay sensible probably around the under £500. My last bike was a dawes circa 1970 so you get the picture.!

Cheers and Hi.

Did you like the Dawes, was it comfortable, and did it fit?

If so you are half way there.

Things have changed in the way of gears, brakes, and the likes, but all these are changeable. Bike frames are pretty much the same.

The best advice is to visit a few local bike shops and see what they do, make notes and then leave!

Away from the sales pitch, (and the temptation to buy that particular bike simply because it is in your hands) sit down and coldly compare the options with what you want it to do

Then when you have a solid idea - shortlist, and then put your bum on the seat making sure it is comfortable and the right size.

There is a lot of good hardware out there, have fun investigating it!


Hi, Bob,

When looking at bikes,avoid anything with suspension. It's not needed for commuting and just adds weight.

You'll want mudguards to stop you getting too much spray on wet days and maybe some racks to carry lunch, change of clothes etc.

Havve you somewhere safe to lock the bike?
yes quite correct, whatever you do, don't buy a full suspension mountain bike with big fat tyres and made of steel. You will get fed up of commuting in no time.

So what to get for £500. To be honest for a good commuter you have chosen the correct sort of price. If you do get into commuting or cycling in general you should be able to upgrade this sort of bike no problem at a later date. Now the £500 is that just for the bike? You might need to spend a bit more money for other items.

You might also need cycle specific clothing, not essential but could make your journey more comfortable. You might also need lights, helmet, pump, spare innertubes, small multi tool, puncture repair kit and a lock. If you need to take things with you to work or a change of clothes you need to consider how you are going to carry these. Do you want to use a rucksac, which I do or do you want a pannier. This is cycling bags that fit over the rear wheel on a frame.

I would advise you to consider a road/street/hybrid type of bike. These bikes will have a bigger wheel than a moutain bike and will be able to take a thinner tyre that will make your journey faster and more comfortable than a fat tyre moutain bike. You can either get these bikes with a dropped handle bar much like a racer type of road bike or a flat barred road bike.

You can get a very nice Specialized Sirrus flat barred bike for £400. see below

I am sure that others will give you some good ideas for bike choice, but remember to check out the bike in your local bike shop. But use a GOOD cycle shop. Not somewhere that will want to sell you the first bike that you think looks ok. Maybe someone on this forum could recommend you a good cycle shop that is local to you.
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