New cranks

Hey there,

My left hand crank felt a bit wobbly today and when i had a look at it found it was just about to drop off.

Hence needing a new crank, i have been looking at this one as i like having 48 teeth on the big ring plus it comes with a matching BB. Unfortunately i know nothing abuot bottom brackets sizes and was wondering if anyone knew if they are all standard? Would this crank fit a marin muirwood?

Cheers all!


Forgive me for stating the obvious but are you sure you need a complete new chainset or is it simply a matter of re-attaching the left hand crank arm properly?
Too late to re-attach the LH crank I fear, the damage has been done. If the bike is less than a year old return it to the LBS whence it came for a new one under warranty. A generic LH crank may be had for eight pounds or thereabouts, finding one which is a direct replacement to match the original may require special ordering.


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Like Mickle said, it is far too late now, got a bike shop to tighten it up as the tool i commute with didn't have a key that big, was loose again in a couple of miles.

The bike is a couple of years old and I have been putting off replacing the whole drive for a while as the cassette is a bit worn as well (see the other thread about cassettes and replacing too late!) so I was thinking of upgrading the whole lot as i like the bike and it fits me really well. Really just need to know about the bottom bracket sizing and if they are all of a standard size!

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