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I have a 2018 Scott scale 980 hardtail and had been badly neglected, not regularly cleaned, greased and maintained in general.
I am now on with doing it up and trying to restore it back to how it was.
It came with a sram 1x nx 11 speed group set however after looking for parts to fix it, the chain, cassette chain ring and cranks because I wanted shorter ones, I decided to just buy a new group set - the Sram Nx eagle 12 speed. The complete group set.
  • It came today

It comes with a sram DUB crankset and it doesn't fit the original bottom bracket where the old gxp cranks sat -The new cranks being too big (in diameter)
The bottom bracket it comes with is a 'Sram GXP PF integrated / shell 41x89.5mm'
There is just too many 'standards' and variables and I am finding it all very confusing.

Can I get a bottom bracket to fit these cranks on my frame or is it a big no no?

I hope I have been clear enough as I don't know much about bikes.
All help is massively appreciated!
Thank you


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