New crankset required soon

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Elmer Fudd

Miserable Old Bar Steward
Currently have an OE Suntour crankset (28/38/48) that is nearly on its last legs.
I don't want to spend a fortune as bike only cost me c£250.
Shimano tell me on their website that front DR will only cope with 20T difference from large to small although I would love to go something like 30/42/52. Is that possible ?
I'm looking at this (LBS has 1 in stock) if going slightly bigger is not an option. Is there any other 28/38/48 cranksets I should be looking at ?
BTW its a hybrid bike I use for commuting / leisure with some v gentle off road (track)

Ooops ! I forgot to mention 21 speed, 11/28 rear
The Nexave will provide solid service for years, its tough steel with plastic trim.

The 48 outer ring triple chainsets are a bit thin on the ground.

53 being road or 50 road compact, then you go to 42 and 44 MTB chainsets.

Shimano do some xt 48 triples for about £100 or so but theres not much in between them an the £20 nexave. No doubt someone will turn up a truvitav job or something but unless you are happy to spend an extra £100 you are unlikely to get much better than the nexave.
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