New cross frame - Ridley ?

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My cross frame has quite a big ding in one of the rear stays, so looking for a new one. Currently have a PX Uncle John, budget is about 500-600. Was considering the Ridley Crosswing, 2006 model on sale for £450 (£250 off), but a few reviews I've read complained that the BB was too high

I thought a high bb would be a good thing on a crosser. Any thoughts on the Ridley or alternatives ?


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No experience of Ridleys.

My lad, who is quite good at cross, has previously ridden Uncle John - which was both light and stable and great VFM at around £300-£400 for the frame. Also ridden Crosslight Pro4 (not the EVO with the carbon rear end), another good light frame, but the forks tend to judder a bit when braking. Also had a Giant TCX, similar to the Crosslight but the forks don't seem to judder.

High BB is a good idea, you don't want to be bashing your pedal on roots, etc. I don't think it would affect the handling too much.


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Why not another Uncle John? I ask because I've got one of these, too and I'm still undecided about its design. It's got quite an odd geometry for a cross bike (high BB, long wheelbase, long headtube, consequent lack of standover clearance). However, it does roll over uneven ground well, is comfortable and seems to climb well. As I say, still not sure about it. I guess it's more of an all rounder than an out and out race machine.
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