new Cube 2015 Agree Pro - thanks for the help

Chris Long

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So after lots of reading and posting and reading of advice I finally decided on the Cube Agree Pro 2015.

I was considering the giant tcr 3, and a couple of others.

In the end, I'd always wanted a cube, and also it has the new 105 group set.

Initial thoughts after a few short rides are that I love this Nike. As I've been riding a carrera tdf for the past 4 years including noble and c2c, this is like getting on a race horse
It just moves when you press the pedals and I can finally accelerate on climbs!
The steering threw me at first. Unbelievably sensitive.

Thanks for all the advice. I'll post a more detailed review once I've been out on it more



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I saw these at the London Bike Show. Lovely looking frame, the one bike I kept going back to have a look at. So I'd be interested in hearing how it rides

James Ots

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That's good to hear. I'm getting a Cube Agree GTC Race just as soon as Cycle Scheme notice that they've been paid and issue my voucher. (The bike's already in the shop waiting for me.) So now I'm looking forward to it even more (if that's actually possible)!

Chris Long

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here you go
Still not been able to properly test it because of the weather
Done about 30 miles on it
But remember, any review i give is compared to a Carrera, so not really like for like, and i cant comment on other bikes in the same price braket, it may well be that a Giant rides better :-/
But... to me, now that I am thinking less of "oh look at my shiny new bike", I really have begun to notice the frame, and how smooth it feels. I read in reviews of the sound a carbon frame makes, and this one does, it sort of whitles quiety. Of course the 105 groupset is virtually silent, although i need to take it back to the shop for tuning as it isnt as smooth as it should be, but they told me that would happen as it settles in. now I have the hang of the levers, shfting gear is literally the flick of a finger. So quick. The 105 is 11 speed. I was going up a 5% gradient the other day and started working down the gears only to find myself in the easier range, which compared to my carrara 8 speed admittedly felt like i was riding a mountain bike, and to be honest, for me, a little unneccesary. I wonder too if the hardest gear is low enough :-/ But, as this groupset is on some very high specced bikes too, who am i to argue?

The other thing I have noticed is the comfort. I dont feel fatigue in the back, and I was worried about the geometry being too race orintated. Lots of spacers if I want to lower the bars. Wheels, well, infinately better than my old ones, I can throw the bike forward, but reviews say that as with most bikes in this range this is the place to upgrade. Well I'll push myself to my limit on it before I upgrade anything.

more to follow when I have done a big ride :-)

But in short, completely love the bike and so glad i went with Cube




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A lovely looking bike and one on my shopping list. The advantage of the new Shimano groupset is that you can change the chain rings to suit. So you could change from 50/34 to 52/36 as and when you feel it is right. If you change the cassette you may need to change the RD. When you do change, the chain may need replacing so that it is the correct length.
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