New Cycle Lane - And A Welcome One!


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Not seen it yet, but I'll change back my usual route to include it. Hopefully it will make getting through the arch with two full panniers a tad easier.

Just noticed it this morning, mainly because there wasn't the usual queue of traffic there. I suspect it'll end up getting ignored though as it's forcing all the traffic into one lane. If it's enforced it'll be an excellent idea as the timing on the lights means that any traffic waiting under the arc won't get out first time so it makes no difference if there's 2 lanes or one lane queuing there. Maybe a motorbike lane (if space allowed) put on the right would put an end to all nobs on scooters trying to use the cycle lane and blocking up the ASL.


bits and bobs of cycle appearing on my route, all shiny and new and generous

and some foul potholes repaired, I get the distinct impression that someone is trying
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