new derailleur questions!


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So i went for a ride on a glorious sunny easter sunday only to have it ruined by a pretty catastrophic mechanical.( Meters from the summit of a pretty brutal local climb)

Chain broke and dragged the derailleur round into the spokes. Derailleur hanger snapped, derailleur mangled. (Spokes surprisingly ok) earlier in the week I was thinking "really should get a new chain"

iv got a shimano 105 group set and just wanted to check with people more knowledgeable than myself if I'm ordering the right thing...

currently have 50t and 34t chainring on the front and a 11 to 25 (ten speed)cassette on the back. I'm also considering getting a new cassette (as the current one is pretty old) might get an 11 to 28 (hilly round here)



I'm going to get a new 50t chainring whilst I'm at it as the current one is very worn.



Yep. That's fine.
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