new endura venturi jacket or re-proof?


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hi all,

i currently have an enduara convert jacket. tbh it is shite, too heavy for summer and too thin for winter. it is supposed to be waterproof, it's not.
i was thinking of getting and endura venturi or stealth jacket.

a friend told me to try using some nickwax waterproofer on the jacket. do you think it will work? has anybody tried these waterproofing sprays?

if so what were the results.



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I have the same problem with my goretex jacket which cost over 120 quid!! very disapointed with it as youd think the name 'goretex' means 100% waterproof . I have tried a wash in treatment on it but to no avail


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Wash it in soap flakes, then apply the nik wax re-proofer.

TBH, I use a Decathlon Rockrider waterproof jacket with a liner - yeh it's not breathable, but I've never come across anything that can cope with my sweat..... but wash in soap flakes, it works a treat...... PS get sweaty under, but I would get the same state naked...........(and arrested)


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I've used the nikwax reproofer on a goretex hiking jacket and yes it does help. I prefer the spray on stuff but most people go for the wash in one. The big benefit is that the DWR coating is replaced, so the water beads off of the coat for longer. When the coat wet's out (the beads of water go and it starts soaking in) the breathibility of the fabric drops dramatically.

Coat needs to be washed in soap flakes (or tech wash if you feel like it) and definitely not biological washing detergents.

Also the reproofer works a lot better if it is 'activated' by warming it up. Either dry the coat in a tumble drier or use a hair dryer to dry the stuff on.

When you take the reproofed jacket out of the washing machine you may want to put a towel down as a LOT of water falls off of the jacket.


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Wash it in NikWax Tech Wash and then re-proof using NikWax TX Direct (wash-in) Works a treat. I do the family waterproofs once a year like this and it brings the waterproofing back up to scratch brilliantly.

Edit: MrWC & I have waterproof jackets which are over fiftenn years old but are still as waterproof as the day we got them due to the above treatments.
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