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Hi All,

I'm new to this forum and keen to promote if okay the cycle group myself and a few friends have setup, been around the clubs and not really found what we wanted so setup a group of riders all with similer goals. We've created a facebook page :smile:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Exeter-and-East-Devon-Cycling-Group-2263893193890118/

Really looking to get some feedback on how to setup a good group, we do weekend rides at between 15-18 mph average dependant on elevation.

After continuing to grow numbers to our Sunday ride and growing to a more established group and eventually club if enough interest.

What do you look for in a cycle group/club? and any guidance on what to avoid?

Many Thanks


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I look for 10-12mph and interesting destinations, so it sounds like you're not my sort of group even if I was near Pinhoe.

I suggest avoiding setting false expectations and being clear whether people who can't average 15mph on hills or 18mph on flat are gonna get left behind - and if you search around on here, there are plenty of other posts showing what annoys people about clubs. Good luck!
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