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Dag Hammar

Hi everybody,
I’ve just joined the Forum and would have done so long ago had I known it existed. I am not a ‘serious’ cyclist but by that I only mean I don’t clock up huge mileages, I just like to get out on my bike and cycle locally for anything between 7 and 14 miles or so to enjoy the fresh air and the exercise that it provides.
Over the past 50 years or so I have owned and parted with many bikes but only ever bought one bike brand new. I currently own two Claud Butler bikes and two Raleigh bikes. On one of my Claud Butlers I ditched the old derailleur gears and turned it into a fixed wheel bike but my other three bikes all have Shimano gears of various qualities, Sora and Deore being the better two of the three.
I am a fan of lugged frames and proud to say that all four of my bikes have proper steel lugged frames, call me old fashioned if you like !
owdo :bicycle: we like a lugged frame on here.:okay:
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