New forums: Test site open

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In case you haven't noticed the announcement, the test site for the new forum software is now open:

I've set up a special forum for any feedback or comments, and if you have any suggestions for categories for the Downloads and Gallery sections, please post them in the feedback forum too.

The current forums will go off-line for a few hours on the evening of 8th/9th July as I backup all the data for the switch-over. I'm then hoping to leave a basic chat forum in place so you can chew the fat whilst I work overnight to install the new fangle stuff.

We'll be losing the home page, and unfortunately social groups and topic hover preview. I was hoping we could keep them, but the software developer who is making the plugins hasn't got them ready yet. When they are ready, I'll get them re-installed. (Sorry!)

However, we'll be gaining Member Blogs, Live Chat (for up to 20 people), Downloads, Google Members map, a better Gallery, and an Article management system (which will be turned off initially, and developed once the forums are settled in).

I realise such a change can be daunting so please let me know if you are having any problems at all after the move and I'll work with you to straighten them out.

Shaun :smile:
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