new free hub time?

young Ed

so when i back pedal or just lift the pedal up ready to move off from junction or so the chain tries to derail it's self at the front and if on the big cog and turned enough it does so and lies on my otherwise nice shiny, silver crank making it all oily and black :sad:
and i have noticed my freewheeling sound isn't as loud and sharp clicking as others.

could my free wheel be past it?
Cheers Ed
Hi Ed, strip the freewheel down, you might have got some congealed grease and dirt mix, depending on the make some strip easy for cleaning others it easier to replace it. You normally need a 10mm allen head key to remove the hub, but it might need some effort to remove it.


Quite dreadful
lost somewhere
As Ticktockmy said, you might be able to clean it out and regrease it. There are a fair number of clips on YouTube about this. Mine was almost impossible to strip down and the rim on the wheel was pretty worn anyway. A replacement hub was going to cost £35, and a brand new pair of better wheels were about £100. It wasn't a hard decision to make.
I would still have a go at cleaning and relubing though. Good luck.
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