New fridge freezer advice please?


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This Sunday we're having a new fridge freezer delivered.

Our current freezer is about two thirds full of food which I intended to chuck straight in the new one.

Earlier tonight my wife said she'd read somewhere that the new one will have to be left switched on for six hours before filling up, not something I've ever heard of.

Can anyone confirm this?


yes someone can .

i have heard this as well .i think its to do with letting the chemicals settle . just move it into a box and put in outside while your waiting for the new one to get up to speed . its cold enough

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I never did that with my new fridge/freezer, and it still works fine. Just remember to keep the freezer at least half full. I found out the hard way that if it's almost empty, the temperature in it fluctuates quite a bit.


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I bought a new fridge and separate freezer in the last year, and the instructions implied you had to leave them switched off for something like 8 hours, then another X hours till it was up to temperature and you could put food in it, I'm sure it was almost 24 hours in the end, given the delivery time!


It's to let the refrigerant settle, but I've never done it - an hour tops. If you want to leave it the full 6 then freeze a load of freezer packs in the old one and stick them and your frozen stuff in the new one, switched off. They're quite well insulated for obvious reasons.


We had a new fridge freezer last year. The woman in Currys said we should let it stand for 24 hours before plugging it in. The blokes that delivered it said leave it six hours. I left it for four and it was fine.

If you can borrow space in your neighbours freezer for a day that might be safest.
You're supposed to leave it. I've never bothered and never suffered from freezermovingdeathitis.

I also sometimes don't read the 200 pages T@Cs before buying something from Amazon but that's just how I roll. Yeah ladies, you read it right, I'm quite the rebal so be careful around me.


I thought a separate freezer went out of fashion sometime ago in view of supermarkets bring all over the place and preference for fresh produce.


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Before you plug in your fridge freezer, remove all packaging, clean out all the compartments with soap and water, and wipe down the outside of the fridge with a clean cloth.
Why is leaving a fridge or freezer to stand after being transported necessary?
After being transported, the oil inside the compressor may leak into the refrigeration system. If the compressor is switched on before this oil is allowed to slowly settle back into the compressor it could be pumped around the refrigeration system and cause a breakdown due to a system blockage.
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