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HI Everbody :blush: just registered here, was on wmb forum but its all changed (not for the better i might add) just thought i would say "hi". I will be looking to get a new bike for me and the mrs within the next 2 months i personnally like the tyax elite (any thoughts) but no idea what to get the other half. Plan on doing nothing extreme just some xc in local park and getting to and from work. budget will be around £300. Cheers for any advice :rolleyes:


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hi Steve....i'm new as well... :blush:


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Hi everybody
This is dell smith from USA and have an interest to buy a new Bike. I want to be a bike racer and i got new cv bike last week. I have join the site yesterday. a few weeks ago i have participate in bike race and i got 12 rank which is last form eight.


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Seems like we have rather wide ranging interests here -- a ride in the park, racing.

Seems like it might be a good idea to create a different thread for racing interests, dellsmaith.

To the OP: Will most of your riding be on the road and only non-technical offroad? You might be better to look at a hybrid rather than full-on MTB.
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