New halfords bike


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Mate at work purchased a new voodoo bantu from halfords (i tried to talk him out of it) did it online to collect next day.went to collect it not built and was promised it following day.
Went and collected it today and on the ride back to work the front deraillier slipped and snagged the front chain set and snapped the chain and this happened as he was negotiating a roundabout could have been nasty.took it back and had it fixed.
"Never had any problems like this before" said the lad in the shop.

I have urged him to take it to my local bike shop for a check up.


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I think that the Voodoo bikes tend to get pretty good reviews, despite being from Halfords. It's probably just been set up incorrectly.

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Too late to have it checked out now hes only gone and had it nicked.
Daft sod left it outside a shop whilst he went in to buy a BIKE LOCK and i had lent him a D lock to get him by.
Theres no telling some folk.:banghead:
Poor guy, brand new bike and it's gone the next day. :headshake:
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