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hi all

Been biking around 16 miles 4-5 times a week to work and got the buzz for it. Just ordered a new road bike and have entered a 64 mile ride in April. I am not sure what cycling clothes I should buy have shoes coming with the bike. What training should I do and am I mad lol.

And hello to everyone :0)

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Hi and :welcome:
Suggesting clothes is hard as you don't know what the weather is going to do but a good pair of lycra shorts is a must then its its down to what you can afford to spend.
As for the mileage I think you need to be doing longer trips as 16 to 64 miles is a big jump.
Good luck.


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As above really - I prefer full length to shorts but each to their own. Again don't like bib-brace type things [no quick escape in emergencies and if it's a cold day you might not sweat it all out] but pays yer money takes yer choice. I would look out for a decent waterproof [this is England after all] but nothing too heavy - if it's a sunny day [ !!! ] you might have to carry it all the way.
Finally check the route if you can. If it's hilly then you really do need a few more longer runs.


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Lycra shorts (or any elastane) aren't a "must" but lots of riders like them. The main thing is not to have any irritating (literally) seams up your bum.

Versatility and layers are probably the best features to aim for in clothing at this time of year. It doesn't need to be cycling specialist clothing but lots of that is functional: much of it looks awful though.

Lidl is selling some cycle stuff on Monday. Aldi is currently selling motorcycle stuff that may be OK for cycling (buffs, socks, ...) if a bit warm and they're selling off the end of cycling stuff if you're an unusual size. Similar prices to certain gutter chains but better quality. Other than that, bike shop shop brands sometimes have OK stuff.

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Hi and :welcome: @Dazaaa03

Best of luck with the ride in April.:okay: You don't say how long you've been doing the regular 16 mile rides but if it's been more than 3 or 4 months you may be in better shape than you expect. Try and build up to some longer rides now and if you can get, say, a 45 to 50 miler under your belt you'll do alright on the day.

Clothing-wise, any technical top will do the job and walking or running ones are often cheaper than cycling-specific. You'll probably benefit from some padded cycling shorts though (as suggested above) as the saddle will feel very much firmer after 64 miles than it does after 16. :ohmy:

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