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Hi my name is Mike (as you might of guessed)
I have always had a bike all my life. I use it irregually every year, do a few bike rides of about 10 miles or so every now and again, plus the odd charity bike ride - Wirral Bikeathon 28 miles done about 4 out of last 6 or 7 years. Liverpool - Chester (and back) 50 miles done twice but not for about 3 years.
I have a plan for this year!
My girlfriend has cancer at the moment and is currently undergoing chemopherapy, I have always wanted to do a coast to coast bike ride, never really had a reason, now I do. For Clatterbridge Cancer charity were she is being treated. Forgot to say her cancer is not terminal, it is treatable. So now I have an excuse to do a coast to coast charity bike ride.
I first looked at doing the way of the roses, but thought that it was to far away from home, ie people I know and were I live wouldn't realise what sort of a challenge it was. S I have decided to do a route of my own. I live in Wallasey
on The Wirral so I decided to finish the ride were I live. I looked on the map and decided the best place to start from would be Skegness. This is a 200+ mile ride. I will be doing this over 3 or 4 days depending on how much training and how fit I can get before the start.
I am planning on doing this in September (gives me plenty of time to get fit and train)
Any advice on training for this would be much appreciated.


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:welcome: good luck

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Hi and :welcome: Mike.

You'll find loads of advice in the Health, Fitness and Training section of the site but fundementally, the best training is to ride lots.

Keep us posted with your progress and I hope the ride will go well.:thumbsup:
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