New here :)


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Hi there,

my name is Hannah.
I just moved to the Netherlands which is really amazing for cycling! There is bike infrastructure everywhere. You can imagine what rush hour looks like when hundreds of cyclists are waiting at a red traffic light ;)
Cycling is my main means of transport, but I also plan bike trips on the weekends.

Looking forward to joining the discussions in this forum!


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Welcome to the mad house that is Cycle Chat, i am rather jealous of all the flat riding you will have over there


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Hello Hannah. :smile:

Nice to see another female cyclist on CC.

We're rather thin on the ground on here.

I've heard that cycling infrastructure is very good in the Netherlands - lucky you.

I'm on of those strange people who quite likes hills, just as well, given I live in Devon.

-And then I go touring, in even hillier places :wacko:

I guess it can be quite windy over your way too ??
What sort of bike do you ride?


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:welcome: Hanna
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