new high (relative to a trike) bacchetta giro


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having done 18 months of daily rides on my trike after a 11 year lay off, the thought pooped in to my head, i might be ready to get back on two wheels. so I went down to see Kevin, how spent all afternoon putting me on two wheelers, including some i would not have considered but had to discount for practical reasons, finely selecting the baccheta giro 26" 26", well i have been out for a ride and climbed some of the smaller inclines :whistle: about this Parrish with out problem, apart from a severe pain in my bum :sad: i have reclined the seat four holes and can now feel my weight spread over all my back, i think most people have this problem at first. my lad just 19 yr old last Monday. how after a cursory "gis a go" right son sit on it peddle 12 O'Clock, son SON they are disk brakes, he turned around in the seat waved and said OK and powered a way......... mmmm a bit worried. so i jump on the trike and take off in pursuit, "pant"" wheeze"" pant" son "gasp" on the bend comingupfastanditsquitesharp! take it stedy.......... or just lean the thing over and keep churning the crank.after following him for ten miles him riding like a professional, i managed to get him to stop long enough to adjust the seat so he could sit in it properly!i now have the problem of keeping him of it.
first time on a recumbent two wheeler:thumbsup: and he seemed to think he was on a trike, apart from the banking it over and terning around in the dive with out taking his feet off the peddles i don't think the back wheel moved a foot.

smarmy little git, i hate kids ;)


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Don't worry about it. I got it worse. About 2 weeks after I got my first 'bent I'd just about got to the point where I could feel comfortable riding it around the local streets without wobbling too much. This happened to correspond to a local evening ride I arranged with mates, so we headed out for our regular pootle. 10 miles in we pop into Dad's for a cuppa, and he (aged 60) says "Ooh! Can I try?" gets on, rides it down the road, does a perfect low speed 180 turn within a single lane, then loops back.

2 months later, I still couldn't get it round in such a tight radius. The man has BALANCE. :biggrin:


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i have the seat about right now, just twiddling with the handle bars. :reading: i think they are about right, from looking at the bacchetter set up photographs, top of bars in front of knees not above, about 1" clearance from shins while peddling, just the angle of the grips now, i was getting a slight tingle in my bad hand so have changed them so the grips are almost vertical. :rolleyes: i will see what my next ride is like.
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