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Hi, I just fitted some new wheels to my hybrid.

Originally, this had none-too-impressive 10 year old STX-RC hubs with Alex rims. I replaced these with Shimano XT hubs and Mavic rims weighing about the same.

Really nice quality and feel bombproof - just what I needed. However with the same tyres and tubes the bike really feels a lot slower. I thought quality, modern hubs would run better. Is it just because the hubs are new and take a time for the bearing to "bed in" (I thought XT surfaces were pe-pollished) or is it becase the rim is slightly wider and this seats the tyres differently?

I'm really quite annoyed at such a big noticeable difference after spending quite a lot of money on the new wheels. Any advice?


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What is the width of the old/new rims and tyres. This would probably be the most attributable factor. How do the hubs feel spinning off-ground freehand?


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The answer is, it is the hubs. After about 200km they are much better.

Perhaps they were set-up too tight or it could be the rubber seals as these are very effective on XT hubs.
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