New Hybrid - Canondale Quick CX3 & a Question ?


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Hi All,

As I mentioned in the Welcome Mat - just getting back into the cycling and recovering from a couple of torn ankle ligaments. So limited mileage for me for the time being whilst I build the ankle and associated muscles up.

Picked up the new Hybrid above yesterday from Evans at Castleford. Not bad service TBH and good price given I traded in a knackered old road bike for £50.

So my first ride this morning - 3/4 mile road to an old railway track, get about 1 mile down the track and GRRRRRRR!!! front puncture. Fortunately I was prepped and had a spare tube and gas canister. So first ride spoilt. First time I've used gas canister and couldn't get full pressure into the tube. Ended up finding the nearest road and heading home completing just shy of 5 miles

So the quesiton is - how do you folks find the gas canisters - are they any good - if so which brands/models. If not can anyone recommend a good pump ^_^. I've got a track pump at home - so it would be just for out and about.


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hmmm interesting i was wondering the same ,just cant quite commit to use the gas ?


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Hi Benstewe

I've gone with a little beto mini pump now - can get 80psi with it which is fine for the cx3 & enough to get me home on the road bike

ye Ian i use a small pump when out & about always get,s me home too i think the gas is more for racing , competition, don't think its for me what do others think .


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not used one nior plan to use one but from what I hear about these things, they save time by inflating the tyre to a rideable pressure but often need topping uop with a small hand pump.
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