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Can anyone recommend some good lights on a budget please? I'm fed up of my cheap, temperamental set and am after some USB-chargeable lights that'll give out decent power. Thought this time of year might be a good time to pick up a bargain?
I mostly just need to be seen but on one of my possible routes home the council recently seems to have abandoned the path lighting, so a set that give out a good beam to see by would allow me to start taking this route again without having to play dogsh*t roulette!

Had my eye on these, though they're not the best looking.

Cheers, Andy


They're fine, I've got a smart 700 on the front (and the same on the back) and it lights the way fine on unlit paths / roads. Decent battery life (as opposed to my old moon) and like you say, not the most stylish in the world, but for £30 a good buy.


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+1 for the smart 700, also consider the Cateye volt 300(front) & 50 (rear) set for ~£50 excellent, weatherproof robust & good enough (just) as a to see by light as well as tremendously good, to be seen by ones.


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Thanks for the recommendations. I've never had lights that let me see in the dark before! (as opposed to just being seen)
So far so good with these Smart 500s. Went for a night ride over a large common in the week, quite exhilarating bombing along with the bright beam showing the way. And great to be able to get out into the middle of nowhere in the dark on the bike and then switch the lights off and see all the stars.
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