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Hi all,
Just a little background before my question.
I have cycled on and off for years (more off than on). For the last couple of months my interest has been rekindled more than ever. I have taken to commuting every day between 15 and 23 miles a day depending on route and motivation.
I currently plod on a fairly low spec 10 year old hybrid fitted with mudguards and pannier rack which is now showing its age. I am looking to replace this with a new bike with upto £1000 budget.
The main use would be a commuter steed with weekend blasts for fun and maybe a few 50 mile events.
I am unlikely to do any unsupported long distance tours so am thinking Audax is the way to go.
Can anyone recommend a suitable complete bike within budget as I have no suitable components to transfer to a frameset.
Many thanks.
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