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Greetings to all. The reference in the title means that Mr. Coward certainly never cycled in Norfolk - ! Joined recently after finding this very helpful looking forum on 't' net whilst researching rechargeable front lights for my daily commute. My first bike at the age of six, was an old Hercules roadster; two day of Mum holding onto the saddle whilst practising around our local park and suddenly I was off, the rest is history - ! My wife and I currently have five bikers apiece; commuter, tourer, audax, dual susser and a Brompton. We don't use some of the bikes as much as we should, but that will change - ! I currently commute on my tourer about 150 miles a week, which means in a year, I probably cover more miles in the saddle than I do in our car - !




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Hi! Mr Coward is frequently mocked on easy rides. We're doing thirty miles across the fens tomorrow (with leisurely lunch break, start 10am Lynnsport) and a half dozen or less around town on Thursday (start 7pm Marriott's Warehouse) if you fancy it.

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Welcome aboard from just over the border from the Fair County :welcome:
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Another Norwich bod here. :welcome: to CC.
'Delicate Hills' at Salhouse catch me out every single time.

We only have 2 bikes a piece here though. Roadies and CX bikes.
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