NEW SHORTS (for the love of god...please!!!)

jonny jeez

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If you were on the mall this morning riding an invalid blue bianchi, then please...for my sake alone...get some new shorts!

If it was you, PM me and I'll send you footage of how the rest of the world views your junk as it jumps about, on clear view through your totally transparent shorts.

I need to go wash my mind out with soap and water now!!!

PS, I'll be asking a check question to confirm it was you, no voyeurs please.
jonny jeez said:
If you were on the mall this morning riding an invalid blue bianchi
did it only have one wheel?


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I wonder if it's the same guy i saw the other day. I was behind him for long. But boy did I feel sick for the breif time I was behind him


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Wolf04 said:
This thread is useless quite all right without pictures. ;)
Completely agree. Pictures and video totally unnecessary :smile:


LOL at the 'invalid blue' comment, not exactly as romantic sounding as 'Celeste' but it's what I will use in future ;)
jonny jeez

jonny jeez

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HaloJ said:
Aw. Go on, post the footage! :biggrin:
Close your eyes if easily disturbed, actually the low exposure of the Muvi has done a good job of censoring the image for gotta trust me, in real time it was much





It looks like the lower part of this chaps shorts (seat) were just made fom cling film!! He must sit at his desk in his bibs or something, because a bike saddle wouldn't wear them away like that.
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