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Discussion in 'Commuting' started by Drago, 23 Jul 2012.

  1. Drago

    Drago Guru


    I've been lurking in cyberspace sneakily watching this forum ;)

    My names Richard, I'm 43 from Middle Engurlund. I'm a keen MTBer and a police cycle patrol skills instructor, so I'm used to having something rigid or squishy between my legs.

    Alas, Mrs Drago has MS and I can foresee a time when she will have to quit work and I won't be able to afford 2 cars, so now is the time to start chomping a few miles by way of cycle commuting so I'm all set and ready when the time comes.

    I'm a big chap, basing a 6'4" 242lb amateur power lifter, and much of my commute will be on country roads that would have civil engineers in Beirut muttering under their breath, so I've decided to eschew the idea of a 700c hybrid or fly bar sportster for a road tyre shod MTB.

    I've cast a critical eye over my fleet and plumped for a little used Carrera HT MTB. It's in almost new condition, having been acquired for child trailer towing and back-up duties. It has a fork-lockout and the brakes gave been upgraded to Hope M4's so on paper it's well suited to the role.

    On with a rack and full mudguards, a bevy of lights including a Hope retina-buster from my Forbidden Box of Mystery, panniers acquired and I'm just waiting for the Scwalbe Cityjets to arrive and I'm off.

    Not far, 7 miles each way, but far enough that I'll be in SPDs and Lycra rather than shoes and sequinned ball gown.

    Looking forward to racking up some miles on Endomondo and having a few tales to tell down the Crossbar and Vasectomy.

    Chin chin,

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  2. gaz

    gaz Cycle Camera TV

    South Croydon
    Good luck and enjoy.

    BTW this sounds a bit dodgy when taken out of context :laugh:
  3. Nosaj

    Nosaj Well-Known Member

    Well that sounds even dodgier and is entirely out of context.

    Welcome Rich and good luck.
  4. Good luck with your plans, Im still trying to stick with mine, :blush:
  5. lip03

    lip03 Über Member

    beds/ london
    you'll save the earth! and like you say the tales will be plentifull!
  6. BentMikey

    BentMikey Rider of Seolferwulf

    South London
  7. OP

    Drago Guru

    Thanks for the warm welcome dudes :biggrin:

    I don't foresee any problems with 14 miles a day. Bar the tyres the sickle is all primed, there's a bike rack right outside the doors to my office within a secure compound, Lycra on standby by.

    I've a couple of different routes, and a couple of combinations of bits of each of the main 2 routes so there's some variety to keep my fresh. Just need to set a baseline for my times and work on beating that. I reckon traffic will be the biggest variable, and I won't be RLJ'ing - ice scraped too many cyclists off the Tarmac over the years, some of them rather stiff and pale, to get into that game.

    Anyway, I'm excited as hell and just want these B&Q@&y tyres to turn up so I can get jiggy.
  8. Welcome to the asylum.
    The word you have to repeat to yourself is CYCLOCROSS. Do this several times a minute for the next week and then take a look at the bikes on offer from Wiggle/Evans/Chain Reaction and you'll discover an alternative to your idea of a slick/shod MTB :thumbsup:
  9. OP

    Drago Guru

    I've had a good look round Evans in MK and my most excellent LBS who are a Giant dealer, and we're I a touch lighter and the roads outside of Northampton (twinned with Damascus) a bit better maintained I think I'd be down that route like a shot.

    I'm adult enough to admit I could be wrong, so I'll give it a go for a while and if it looks like I was being alarmist I can re-evaluate. Seen this nice Giant flat barred sportster that would be mighty sweet...
  10. OP

    Drago Guru

    And the Cityjets have arrived!

    Finished work late today so no time to fit them, so I'll fit them tomorrow evening then I'll ride in on lates Friday and Saturday. Wood!
  11. OP

    Drago Guru

    Finally did it! 7.1 miles in 36 minutes, including a brief stop to reposition the levers slightly (I fitted new grips last night). It's about 50/50 country roads/urban traffic, so not too shabby I guess.

    Being a regular cyclist I wasn't overly sweaty or hot, despite the warm weather, so a quick towel down and into my work kit sufficed. I go to the gym every lunchtime anyway so i can have a nice shower them.

    Most motorists were ok, including one british gas van driver who stopped to let me do a right-turn, which earned him a cheery wave. Nevertheless, the country road section is akin to Santa Pod (named after one of Father Chrismas' testicles) so I will be investing in a Mirrycle.

    Looking forward to the journey home in the dark.
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