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London, Enfield
Hi -
Just registered so saying hi.
I live in North London and ride... anything... including the odd horse! Mainly road now, but mtb xc and just waiting for delivery of a cx bike for winter rides. Training to be competitive in Sprint Tri in 2015 in Paralympic category PT4 and open races. Currently spending a lot of time on a trainer in the garage... good times!!


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hello to you all i'm a newbie on this forum.
I'm from Ely, Cambridgeshire area, 44 years old, i have done a few rides with a good friend of mine and i am getting hooked to road cycling.
I started because i had a hip replacement in 2011 and felt my hip knocking around so i decided to get some road slicks for my cannondale mtb to try build some muscle back around my hip after about 100 miles in total i took the plunge and brought a defy 1 and now loving it
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