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Hi all

My name is Lee I'm 49, in the past two years I have shed 3 1/2 stone and maintained the loss.

I have been commuting for couple of years now but that's just about it. I did most of my exercise through running but my knees are sick of the constant pounding.

I have a Ribble road bike its only a starter road bike but I love it, however I find it hard to slow down when on long rides because I get such a thrill by going fast. My longest ride to date was 50 mile early one Sunday morning it was fantastic. I started at 05:00 having had some porridge and banana and was back by 08:30 for another breakfast with the wife, 3 1/2 hours I thought was OK for my first attempt at this distance.

I also have a Kona Due Deluxe that I use for commuting, in fact I have just added pannier racks and got some pannier bags to have a go at touring (I have most camping kit from hill walking). I have planned my first route 75km out and back with one night out to start with.

I would be grateful for any advice on touring as I have never attempted it before, if I'm honest I'm really excited about the prospect.

Thank you for taking to time to read my msg, I look forward to any responses.

Regards Lee

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Nice one - I'm 46 and trying to lose about 1 stone under Doctor's orders and have only managed half a stone to date - through reducing portion sizes, not having a second slice of cake and getting out on the bike more!
I bought my road bike about 2 years ago but have picked up using this year alot. I try to get out during the week as well as the weekends.

Like you I've been doing 40 to 50 mile runs in about the same time as you - with a small break at the far end before returning. I suppose the real test is the terrain we're cycling over. I'm gauging myself, as a relative novice by how stiff the legs are the following day, after a 50miler - when I know I pushed it re getting average speed up. I'm happy to say the old legs are doing really well this summer with no / very little stiffness.

Sorry - no experience with touring but would love to try it in Spain (spring or autumn) / other med countries.

All the best


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Welcome Lee!

You seem pretty well organised, with route planned and so on. I would say, do try and take your time to enjoy the ride - anyway, with a lot of luggage, you'll e slowed down a bit.

Do a trial pack of your panniers a few days before - it'll help you discard some of the stuff you perhaps don't need to take. A one nighter is a perfect start, you won't need to worry about too many clothes and so on.

Pack stuff in plastic bags in your panniers - just in case it rains and the water gets in... Just carrier bags will do. If you already do hill walking, you've probably got a good idea about how to pack and so on.

And beware! It's addictive!


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Hi Lee, well done and I hope touring works out for you. There's a fair bit of resource on here if you read through the threads in the touring section. You'll find some good info and some great links, there're quite a few blogs and sites around from dedicated tourers. Reading them gives answers to questions you'd never think to ask. Places like CrazyGuyonaBike are particularly good, also the information pages on all things cycling from Sheldon Brown.

If you're solo then a good starting point might be to book a place on one of the organised tours, maybe in France. Lots of places do them and the CTC site might be a good place to start. You risk getting grouped with some sad and lonely nutters :biggrin: but you'll certainly get a feel for touring.

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Sorry - no experience with touring but would love to try it in Spain (spring or autumn) / other med countries.

All the best
Hello Lee and Jim!!

As for the comment above - I had images of overheating in the sun until you said Spring/Autumn.

All I can say is GO FOR IT!!
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