new to this please help


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san diego
so i purchased a state bicycle. my friends put it together for me but why can i not cruise i have to constantly be peddling.. even down hill .. makes it hard to commute especially with alot of hills how can i fix this
? someone please help


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Sounds like you've set it up as fixed not single speed. You need to confirm that it can be used with the gear, Google should show you how to flip the hub to do so

If you can't figure it out, take it to a bike shop or contact the company you bought it from

jonny jeez

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I'm showing my ignorance here, but would you not need to replace the whole hub?
Not if its a flip flop hub...but watch those fingers when you swap it round. Fixed hubs have no chain slack and will take you finger tips off as soon as look at them if you don't take care.

Be sure to place the chain, then pull the wheel back to tighten out the slack.
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