New toy mk 2 piccies


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Nice hack. I have the older red model and I love it. :blush:


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Ohh I like - I have the red older version - but with a CF fork as well of course... problem is that the airzound tube on mine looks bloody stupid - I like what you've done with yours.

Just out of interest - Is that a white light on the back on the rear of the rack????


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Nope its a 5 led red flasher, just has a clear cover with a built in reflector in the middle. bit like this...


I did originally get a vanquish 2 weeks ago second hand as a good bargain but as i am a short arse a medium vanquish (56 ) was to big for me so did a swap with a guy who had just got a virtuosso(54cm) for his birthday and wanted a bigger bike.

A 54 is about the biggest i can ride comfortably and i have been told i need a 52 cm.


Looks nice from the small pic, but I'm afraid I don't click links to imageshack, far better to put the image inline right here on cyclechat, popups etc and it's slow for me.
Have fun.
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