New TV, full 1080HD or not?


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I'm looking at two TV's at the moment, one is HD ready, the other is full 1080HD.

Could someone explain for me in simple terms what the difference is between the two please?


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A TV that is HD ready will only be 720 lines not 1080 lines so the picture will not be as clear.
As rusky says. Although I suspect you would only really notice a difference on HD broadcasts, so if you don't have HD presently then it shouldn't really matter.

However, a TV IMHO is one of those things, (like a PC), that it makes sense to buy the very best one you can afford too in order to try and 'future proof' it for as long as possible.

You may not have HD now, but you may decide to get it in the future.

FWIW when I bought my currently TV I was advised to get either Panasonic or Sony by an AV engineer. I went with a Panasonic Viera, and it's a cracking TV :thumbsup:


Get a 1080p ready one.

The technology is moving on and even a lot of mobiles now can display at that resolution.

The cost difference is hardly anything, and when you get a blueray player, the telly won't be able to keep up unless it can run 1080p

My big tv is hd but not 1080p and the blueray has to run at 720 for it to display on the tv. Matching the two up would be nice when I do rent blueray films, and my camcorder runs 1080p50 also so another reason why to chose the higher spec.

It will become the standard soon enough.


1080P? You should be thinking about 3D at this sort of point in time i.e. buying now.
My big cam (Panasonic SD900) supports 3D with a lens attachment, but I'm not in any hurry to chase the 3D down. It records at 50fps, but realistically I've also got a phone sized 1080p Kodak play cam which does 25fps but realistically, the output quality is like chalk and cheese on them.


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THanks for the replies everyone. ^_^

I'm now looking at one of these -

The title and product details claim it is 1080HD, but further down in the spec it says it's not. :scratch:
That is 1080p according to LG's own website: link

But as User says, you wouldn't notice the difference anyway.


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3Ds dying again. Very few fillums on 3D this year compared to 2010. Another 2 years it'll be gone again for another 30 years.
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