New tyres for giant defy 1


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Hi all I am ready to change the stock tyres on my defy 1. I am looking to improve the puncture resistance and also the grip. I will also look to add mudguards. What would be the best tyres to fit the bill. Also what guards and should I change to 25s as suggested elsewhere. Thanks


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Giant mudguards probably best bet assuming the fittings are there. Crud roadracers might be another option but I found them hateful things on my Avail (WSD Defy), they always rubbed with 25mm tyres. 23mm will give you better clearance, so best to stick to those for the mudguards

I like Michelin Pro4 endurance tyres myself, but others will have different views. Conti 4 seasons are popular


another vote for pro 4 endurance and theres a sale on at one of the big online retaileurs at the mo.

i gave mine away to someone on here coz i was feeling unnatrually generous that day but they meet your requirements in my opinion, and they comein a variety of exciting colours too.


gatorskin hardshell great puncture resistance (use on all my bikes) but not as grippy in the wet as a slick tyre. I have had various sets of dedicated giant mudguards on a previous defy that I owned and although they fit the clearance is so tight. It's a great idea of giant to have dedicated mudguards but in practice they do not work perfectly...
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