New week, new noise


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The bike has developed what I can best describe as a mechanical creak/clunk. I think it's somewhere in the transmission. Useful facts:

It's fixed. I just put a new chain on. Only happens when I'm pedalling (can't recreate it off the bike and it goes away if I take my feet off the pedals). It's not at any set point in the pedal stroke and as far as I can tell, isn't tied to the revolutions of any moving parts. I can feel the louder clunks in my feet.



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My money's on the BB or pedals. Good news, if you ignore this it won't wear anything else out so you can pedal about knowing that whateber it is things aren't getting worse.

You can check your pedals by rocking and spinning, and the BB the same. If anything clicks, creaks or groans then you know it's spanner time. :-)
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