New wheels for Carrera Road bike


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I'm a novice when it comes to anything mechanical with my bike. I just like riding the thing! However, my Carrera Road bike could do with a bit of an upgrade and taking some of the weight out of it so I was just wondering if anyone could advise me if it is possible to buy some decent new lightweight wheels to fit? Or would I have to stick with carrera? Or more importantly I guess, would they make that much difference or is it really the frame which is the main problem and I should just save and invest in a new, better bike? Your help will be appreciated!


Wheels are the easiest upgrade to any bike. Stock wheels are normally basic and quite heavy so any upgrade and you should see an improvement.
the problem you’ve got is there’s so many choices and so many opinions about the choices 😬 Decide what you want within your price range and go for it.
I’m saving up to replace mine


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They need to be compatible with your gearing, presumably 7/8 possibly 9 speed on a Carrera roadbike. With spacers needed potentially. 11 speed wheels won’t work (and would IMO be unnecessarily expensive on an entry level heavy framed bike anyhow)
Something like this would be an improvement

Otherwise, if you don’t want to spend too much, a high quality lighter tyre will also make a big difference (although carry the means to fix a puncture as lighter tyres can be less resistant to fairy visits)
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Which Carrera do you have? If it’s a 7 speed Zelos it’ll have a freewheel on the rear, I suspect the 8 speed Virtuoso will be the same, but may have a cassette, if it’s a freewheel your choices are very limited as most aftermarket wheels are the free hub type that use a cassette of gears, you would have to obtain a 7 speed cassette, which I have seen a SRAM item, but I don’t know if it will work with Shimano shifters, and a suitable spacer, Wiggle have these wheels as a set, should be pretty bombproof
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