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Hi there,

Been lurking for a while thought I should introduce myself.

I've taken up cycling in order to combat ill health but I've definitely found myself a new passion. Got myself a Giant Roam 2 W (very good hybrid) to start with but within a few weeks I'm wishing I had got a road bike already. I'm sure I'll sort that soon :angry:

In the short period of time I've been cycling my fitness has increased dramatically but I've not experienced any weight loss which I'm naturally not too happy about. Not sure why that's happened, any ideas? I don't think I'm compensating with diet.

If anyone has any advice for cycling in Glasgow (nice routes, good shops etc) I would be grateful!!



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:angry: to the forum, I'm sure someone on here will be able to help you with your diet.
Hiya Lesley,

I think that muscle weigh more than fat, so you are probably stronger now. Some folk on here will give you some good diet advice.

The only bike shop I know in Glasgow is Billy Bilslands (Saltmarket, Opp Glasgow Green); Neil Bilsland the son of Billy and now current owner is a good chap IME.

I don't really know any routes in the Glasgow area just routes to Glasgow from the east. PS my idea of a good route might not be your idea; I like quieter roads but still fairly direct, mostly B roads.

We have plenty of Glasgow cyclist on these forums that can advise better.


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Welcome, Lesley

Glasgow City Council have a lot of free cycling maps. If you don't like the city get the train out into sunny Ayrshire and cycle on the coast. Irvine to Prestwick is a nice, flat run on National Cycle Route 7 (see Sustrans site).


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Hello Lesley and Welcome to the CC forums. ;)

Have you tried "Dales Cycles?"

I drove by a bike shop today on the road that goes past Buchanan Bus Station and Caledonian Uni(towards Springburn) across the road from the BMW garage at the traffic lights - it had loads of tents outside and sign that said something about cycles!!! :smile:

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Hi Lesley and welcome along from me too.

I see you have discovered the cycling bug can be very addictive, I know I am completely addicted.

Not sure on the weight loss either, I lost weight last year, but did change my eating habits as well as starting to ride my bike, as has been said, someone on here can help you with that.



Hello and welcome from a fellow Weegie :biggrin:, cycle shops, it depends on what you're looking for, some are better than others, i tend to use just the one for repairs, and buy mostly everything online, routes there are plenty, mostly best outside the city, depends on where you are though for easy access, if you need any further info on shops, you can PM me and i'll try and help you out.


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welcome to the forum.

there's plenty of decent rides outside of the city centre.

Scotrail let you take your bike on the train too, so its easy to get some real quiet routes without too much hassle.

There's a few books available for rides around Glasgow.
You'll be amazed at how quickly your fitness improves and you are able to cover more miles.


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Hallo and welcome :smile:


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Thanks for all the help and the friendly welcome! I'll need to check out the cycling map of Glasgow. It's getting boring cycling around the roads here.

I've been to the main bike shops, I got mine from Dales and they were excellent. Was not impressed with Evans though and would rather not go back. I'm planning to buy a road bike quite soon and would like to see a decent range (particularly as WSD aren't that easy to come by). I wish I had bought a road bike in the first place tbh.

I do have a few questions though...

I pushed myself quite far today. Did just shy of ten miles with some hefty climbs with no real breaks. However, in the last 1/2 mile or so I experienced something strange. I'm not sure if this was the dreaded 'bonk' because it's the furthest and longest I've gone (1 hour, is this good time for 10 miles 1 month into cycling?) I literally felt like I had hit a brick wall, I felt lightheaded, weak, unable to push myself any further and I just went home. I've read you should refuel after 90 minutes, but was this perhaps a sign to start carrying some jelly babies or something? Or just an indication of my fitness level? It felt very unusual and came on suddenly.

Also, every ride I go on I get a terrible sharp pain in my right hand side. I presume it's a stitch but I'm not eating or drinking close to my ride. Is there any way to stop this?
I've never heard of getting a stitch while cycling. you had better get it checked out if it continues.I have lost a stone in the last five weeks but have been on a Slimfast diet and lots of cycling. Slimfast is great if you like milkshakes. It works for me.
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