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Evening all, I've just joined following a recommendation from a friend. He and I have just done a Sustrans route from Glasgow to Inverness, then on to Fort William. It was great. A particular highlight was being able to use my old MTB, with slicks. I'd discounted it as a proper bike having worn out and replaced virtually everything on it at least once over the course of 15 years/15000 miles. It completed the 300+ miles without a hitch and is now lurking in a corner saying "that was all right. Thanks for the new chainwheel, BTW a new chain wouldn't hurt. When are we off out again?":becool:

I'll have a few maintenance questions, I'm a fan of the grimy side of bike ownership and I enjoy keeping the old MTB running using an assortment of old bits from the loft.:evil:


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Hello Battered and Welcome to the CC forums. :cry:

Well done on the trip from Glasgow to Inverness and good luck with the old MTB maintenance. ;)


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Hi Battered, :wacko:

I've only not been here for a week or so and all of a sudden half of Leeds is signing up.

Where abouts in Leeds are you?



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Hi Battered - nowt like a good fettle is there!
Oh yes! The old MTB is now fully fettled with a chain. Best of all, I did it for nowt. While in Scotland I found a broken chain in the road. Fully expecting it to be shot, I picked it up anyway. It turns out to be virtually new, and unbelievably it's an XT variant. I had a Shimano pin in the bits box (I'm a Sram Powerlink man normally) so with one link removed it's running a treat. For nowt. Eh, come on, I'm a Yorkshireman.;)

Colly, I'm in Bramley/Armley. Where are you? As there seems to be a decent gang, we'll have to go for a run out.:biggrin:


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