[Newbie] Going to need a hand here guys.


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I really want to get back into cycling. I haven't been on a proper ride in years. The only bikes I've ever had have been BMXs. Diamondback Joker at 11 (heaviest POS you could imagine) pretty sure it's made from pig iron.

So as you can imagine, it's totally unsuitable for riding of any kind, even for a child, let alone an adult..
I am an absolute newbie when it comes to real riding bikes, the why's and where for's, maintenance and what not.

First of all, I need a bike.. I'm a student, so my budget is small, maybe £300 cash, although, looking around, I may be able to get a bike on finance, which of course should increase my options..
I'm going for a job interview soon, the job is 7 miles away. So ideally I need something that's not going to make me hate myself in the mornings or evenings, if at all possible :laugh:.

Then there is the recreation side/fitness. I initially intended on getting a bike solely for fitness, but now with a new job on the horizon, things have changed slightly.

I've heard a lot of great things about the Triban 3, but I'm not sure whether a road bike would be suitable for my needs.

Thanks in advance guys. Much love.

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Triban 3 had a top write up beating bikes at twice the price in Cycling Active this month. If it suits your needs,get that one without a doubt.


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Triban 3 is the best road bike at £300 , and more , so if you can get to a Decathlon store try one out . Depends if you want just a bike for the roads though, if you want to do a few canal paths/ tracks then maybe a hybrid. For roads and the commute I would go Triban ,I hadn`t ridden a road bike for over 40yrs but now with the Triban I love it. Cheers


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Just bought a Triban 3 for my son and he loves it, I showed it to a roadie neighbour and challenged him to put a price on in - he reckoned £500.

The only thing I've done is fit some decent tyres to it as the Triban items are a bit cheapo.
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